Introducing the 3 Million Technical Talent Program

Shaping the Future of
Nigeria’s Digital Workforce

The 3MTT programme by the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy will generate a pipeline of technical talent in line with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision of creating 2 million digital jobs by 2025.


The 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) programme, a critical part of the Renewed Hope agenda, is aimed at building Nigeria’s technical talent backbone to power our digital economy and position Nigeria as a net talent exporter. The first phase of the programme, executed in collaboration with NITDA, will involve multiple stakeholders including fellows, training providers, partners and placement organisations.

Join us on a transformative journey as we unveil the 3MTT Programme Fellowship

The first phase of the programme will be executed as a fellowship model in collaboration with NITDA. We will select individuals with interest in specific skills and fund the cost of their training with training providers accepted into the programme.

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In line with the Ministry's 1%-10%-100% implementation approach, this first phase will aim to train and place 30,000 technical talents, representing 1% of our overall target. It will be executed based on the framework co-created with key stakeholders across government agencies, training providers, educational institutions, development agencies and the private sector.

Skills in Focus

For the first phase, we will focus on these twelve (12) technical skills:
  • Software Development

  • UI/UX Design

  • Data Analysis & Visualisation

  • Quality Assurance

  • Product Management

  • Data Science

  • Animation

  • AI / Machine Learning

  • Cybersecurity

  • Game Development

  • Cloud Computing

  • Dev Ops

Build the workforce of the future

We are calling on individuals and training providers across Nigeria to apply to the first phase of the 3MTT programme.

For Fellows

You will receive training in specific technical skills that will empower you to be competitive in the local and global technical talent marketplace

For Training Providers

Organisations looking to join our pool of training providers to train 30,000 fellows across Nigeria as we design an optimal approach to training and placing technical talents

Come partner
with us

Funders, Corporates, Placement Organisations & others looking to be part of the programme


FAQs for Fellows

Are these the only skills that will be covered in the programme

No, these twelve (12) skills have been identified for the first phase. As the program expands, we will include more skills.

How long will the training programs in this phase run?

The average length of the courses being offered in this phase will be three (3) months.

Is physical attendance mandatory for the training sessions

The training is hybrid, meaning that it combines online and in-person components. While the majority of the training can be done remotely, there are aspects that will require in-person training.

Will I be required to write an entry assessment?

Yes, there will be an entry assessment to determine the skill benchmark for each applicant. This will also be used in selecting the most applicable course for fellows.

Is there a commitment fee required for selection?

No, there is no fee at all for this phase of the programme.

Will there be financial support for transport, meals and other services in addition to the training?

The only financial support for this phase of the programme will be the cost of training. Participants will be responsible for transportation, meals and other costs.

FAQs for Training Providers

Can Individual Trainers apply for this programme?

No, training providers have to be duly registered organisations.

Can organisations without a physical facility apply to become training providers?

Yes, organisations who do not own a physical facility can apply for consideration. However, they will be required to have access to a physical facility where required.

Can a training provider implement in more than one state?

Yes, training providers can implement in more than one location but they must prove capacity to implement effectively across multiple locations.

Will the government solely be responsible for sourcing training fellows?

The fellowship programme is open to everyone. We encourage trainings to also share the fellowship within their communities and networks.

Is there a fee to be selected as a training provider?

No, there is no fee required to be selected as a training provider.

Is there a deadline for registration?

No, training provider applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If you do not get into this first phase, you may be selected for future phases.

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